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Preparing your child for day camp means having the right clothes for every activity and every weather condition. To keep your little ones comfortable and happy, here's a list of essentials not to forget.

First of all, think about practical outfits and sets that simplify hurried mornings. Coordinating garments ensure that your child will always be effortlessly well dressed. Next, rain coats and rain pants are a must. The vagaries of the weather shouldn't stop your kids from having fun outdoors, and these waterproof pieces will keep them dry during sudden showers.
Camp days are often punctuated by games and sports activities. Lightweight, breathable sportswear will ensure that your children can move freely and comfortably. Don't forget hats and caps to protect them from the sun, as well as sandals and rain boots for their feet. Sandals are perfect for hot days, while rain boots provide protection from puddles and mud.

Last but not least, swimming at camp requires the right swimwear. Whether for the pool or the lake, a good swimsuit is essential for your child to fully enjoy these refreshing moments. By being well prepared, your children will be able to enjoy their day camp to the full, and you'll have peace of mind knowing they're equipped for every situation.